How to Cut Hair : How To Skin Taper 101
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How to Cut Hair : How To Skin Taper 101

In This Episode, Belonzi Will show you how to do a SKIN TAPER. As explained in the previous video (How to Fade 101) Mixing the the clipper guards and levers in a mathematical formula have helped barber, students and countless others grasp the art of blending and fading. Remember open blade is represented as 1/2 and closed blade is represented as Zero (0). halfway in-between is represented as 1/4. Belonzi also includes in this video some tricks and tips to increase your income and tips. Valuable knowledge that can change the mindset and direction of your career. simple strategies and customer service tips that go a long way! Belonzi explains the "Meeting in the middle technique" which most experienced barbers use every day more or less. Knowledge is Power! Stay Sharp and Keep Learning!

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