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If you would like us to publish your work on our website or Facebook, please send us an email. Attach JPG files, the team members’ credits and a short description. After reviewing and approving your work, we will get back to you in regards to the next steps.

Please reconsider your action before submitting your request. Any changes are not possible after posting it.  You won't be able to change any of your photos, credits or descriptions. You also can’t remove publications from the magazine. By submitting your request, you agree with this policy.

Our goal is to provide our readers unique materials, so we expect the premiere sessions. The topic of the session is up to you, but keep in mind the time of a year and current trends.

Technical specifications:

  • the attachment must be in a separate file in JPG format max. 1200 pix, 100 dpi;
  • place your photos in order and number them to make our work a little bit easier;
  • we’ll take care of the design and presentation of your work;
  • remember, that if a model has a contract with an agency, you must include their name in the session description;
  • while working on credits, please remember to mention everyone, the whole crew that took part in the session. Include all the people’s names, who worked on the project and specify their functions. If you forget someone and we already published the session, we won’t be able to make any changes;
  • write the credits properly;
  • if you have a website or a Facebook account, include a link in your application so we can recommend it to our readers;
  • in the subject of an email, please enter your full name and the name of the collection;
  • if you send photos vertically, please remember to make them all in one size;
  • please send your application to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
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