PROSALON PROFESSIONAL BOTOX THERAPY anti-ageing treatment for medium and high porosity hair NEW
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PROSALON PROFESSIONAL BOTOX THERAPY anti-ageing treatment for medium and high porosity hair NEW

Does hair get old? Yes. Just like the skin and whole body.

There are many factors accelerating process:

- Cells in hair follicles divide more slowly: the hair grows more slowly and less healthy and shiny than before.
- The rate of hair growth drops: from 10-15 to 2-4 mm per month.
- The sebaceous glands begin to produce less of protective sebum: the skin get dry.
- Sulfur amino acids responsible for elasticity are beginning to be lacking: hair becomes brittle and weak.
- Gradual loss of hair density: there are more and more hair follicles in the kenogen phase (inactive).
 -We loss melanin particles: grey hair appears.

We can counteract the aging processes in the scalp, hair follicles and hair by proper care using Botox Therapy treatment rich in new generation active ingredients such as:

- Hyaluronic acid - commonly known as the elixir of youth, is a natural component of the human body responsible for moisture, elasticity, and smoothness. It is the best biocompatible humectant. It brings nourishment and fills in gaps in the hair structure.
- Keravis - a multifaceted protein complex. Reaches deep into the hair cortex, repairing the bonds between the fibres. Hair is more resistant to chemical and mechanical damage.

The three-step treatment includes the following products:

  1.  Botox Therapy anti-aging shampoo

A SLES-free formula with mild natural washing ingredients effectively cleanses the hair and scalp without causing irritation. Amino acids fill and reconstruct cavities in the hair's cortex, preventing breakage and increasing resistance to mechanical damage. Hyaluronic acid deeply moisturizes the hair for a more vital and energized look.


  1. Botox Therapy anti-aging hair mask

Rich in polyphenols and vitamins A, E and B, tsubaki oil is a strong antioxidant that prevents skin and hair ageing. The amino-complex penetrates the hair cortex, filling and rebuilding the structure, leaving the hair smooth and supple again. By deeply moisturizing the hair and filling in cavities, hyaluronic acid brings an immediate effect of healthy, shiny hair surface.


  1. Botox Therapy two-phase protective and strengthening hair spray

A mild no-rinse spray for damp or dry hair. The light formula does not weight down the hair. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, which effectively moisturises dry and frizzling hair and prevents moisture loss during the day. The UV filter protects the hair from harmful external factors and the colour from fading and dulling.


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