Enjoy your blond without yellow tones!
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Enjoy your blond without yellow tones!

Use shampoo INTENSIS BLOND REVITALIZING  for blond, lightened and grey hair.

It gets rid of undesirable yellow tones from bleaching or colouring, brings a gentle silver-ash shade to grey hair. Thanks to silk proteins, the hair is rebuilt, smooth, and moisturized. Additional bamboo extract to prevent loss of colour and hair ageing.

1000 g

Active Ingredients:

  • Silk hydrolysate retains moisture on the hair surface (can absorb 30 times more water than it weighs). The content of a fibrous, flexible protein called fibroin strengthens the hair shaft and help regenerate its structure.
  • Bamboo contains numerous valuable active substances, including flavonoids, polysaccharides, amino acids, and minerals. Prevents hair ageing, regenerates and protects the colour.


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