Conducting a Hair Detox ALTERNA Europe
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Conducting a Hair Detox ALTERNA Europe

As we are in the midst of winter, clients and stylists hair alike, has survived another incredibly busy party season. With over use of heat products, over exposure to natures elements, albeit hot and cold, excess styling and of course extensive product use, it is fair to say that January calls for a full hair detox.

Just like the skin, hair is extremely delicate and requires continuous maintenance and TLC to ensure it is kept in the healthiest and most fabulous condition as possible. This allows the follicles the chance to strengthen and avoid split ends and dryness.

The New Year calls for a new routine, and a hair detox is very much on the horizon in the salons and as part of the client homecare routine.

Exfoliate and Cleanse
The build up of products within the hair, partnered with exposure to the harsh weather elements can leave hair feeling heavy and colour looking dull. Using the My Hair. My Canvas, New Beginnings Exfoliating Cleanser gently removes impurities and build up from the hair, without stripping colour. Formulated with a Lemon Peel Extract, the product removes dirt and pollutants very easily.

Cleanse and Protect
Cleansing is an important part of both the haircare and skincare routine, one that should be considered within a homecare routine. Our My Hair. My Canvas. Meltaway No Rinse Micellar Cleanser not only cleanses the hair, leaving no residue, it also protects the hair against pollutants, leaving hair soft, shiny and smooth.

Boost the Hair Health
After a detox, the hair requires a much needed boost, in order to bring it back to life and leave it looking and feeling revitalised. The My Hair. My Canvas. Jelly Fix Repair Booster is a fantastic product which repairs the hair from the moment it comes into contact with the follicles.
Formulated with Vegan Botanical Caviar and White Charcoal, the product helps the hair maintain smoothness, improve manageability and adds that much loved salon shine.

Deep Moisturising
Ensuring hair gets key nutrients and is nourished is essential during the harsh weather and after the effects of continuous styling and heat exposure. A penetrating moisturising masque is a great way to keep hair revitalised and hydrated, when it needs it the most. Using the My Hair. My Canvas. Cool Hydrations Masque once per week will leave hair looking and feeling it’s best.

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