Sassoon Academy – Salon Live
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Sassoon Academy – Salon Live

The Sassoon show at Salon International is always an eagerly anticipated event in the hairdressing calendar, bringing the visionary work and technical expertise of the Sassoon Creative Team to the show’s global audience. Through their innovative and inspiring presentations, the hairdressing powerhouse continues to redefine the boundaries and produce looks that resonate.

This year, International Creative Director, Mark Hayes promised a presentation that was, “stripped back… with a focus on craftsmanship and pure technique.” Accompanied by the International Colour and Creative Teams, that was precisely what was delivered – with live demonstrations reflecting a highly personalised, bespoke take on the Sassoon philosophy of shape and balance.

“Today it’s about diversity,” Mark continued. “That’s why we’ve moved away from telling stories about our collections. Now more than ever it’s about the individual and what suits them, creating classic Sassoon methodology.”

Bringing to life the discipline, methodology and unbridled creativity that has kept the Sassoon Academy at the forefront of hair education for the last six decades, members of the International Colour and Creative Teams walked the audience through a series of full transformations live on stage, demonstrating bespoke directions in cut, colour, and styling.

Colours created ranged from golden blond and tangerine tints and a gradient infusion of pink and violet curls to hand-painted surface colours in a geometric fuchsia halo and freehand stripes in black and red.

“Times of strife bring out new and interesting ways of seeing things,” explained UK Colour Director, Edward Darley. “And that’s exactly what’s happening in the industry. The freehand colour which a lot of the team are doing today has come about from the last 12 months and what we’ve all lived through.”

This creative approach was also reflected in the cuts presented, which included contemporary updates on Sassoon standards – the box bob; The Wrap, which was first presented in 1985; and 1969’s the Isadora – as well as in individualised longer looks with disconnection and hidden layering for movement and enhanced texture.

“We take a geometric approach to hair,” said Mark. “But that doesn’t mean the looks have to be geometric. It’s about a methodology and a thought process; once you can control hair, you can be as creative as you want within that.”

The team also shared their updated education for 2022 and beyond, including a new and much-demanded Heritage course to teach the techniques behind classic Sassoon shapes; an educators’ course covering how to train the Sassoon way; and ABC+ – an evolution of the classic ABC education, covering 18 everyday cut and colour techniques for commercial, wearable looks.

“Education is our DNA,” explained Mark. “The revolution that Vidal started has become an evolution and we’re always finding new ways to share hair and ideas.”
Closing the show, the audience was treated to a look at the latest Sassoon collection – a highly personalised series of looks built around the individual and ranging from a full-bodied Afro and permed pink style to a choppy crop and longer layered style with face-framing, contrast panels and illusion colour placements.

“We’re always inspired by our heritage,” concluded Mark. “It’s too good not to use! But we’re always moving things on too, and I’m very inspired by the idea of moving into a period of classicism and craftsmanship.”

With a host of looks presented that combined classic silhouettes, techniques and values with a contemporary, hyper-individualised outlook, this was a show that epitomised all that makes Sassoon so special.

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