Patrick Cameron – Salon Live
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Patrick Cameron – Salon Live

It wouldn’t be Salon International without Patrick Cameron, and this year’s Salon Live show from the long hair maestro featured the tried-and-true, technique-focussed looks that have come to embody his iconic stage shows.

Having earned an MBE during the lockdown period for his dedication to empowering education, Patrick’s live presentation brought the best of his step-by-steps from the screen to the stage, for a showcase of both trend-led and timeless hair up looks.

Sharing his trademark tips and tricks – and well as plenty of personal stories – the focus of the seminar, said Patrick, “is helping everyone add to their own skillset and find inspiration from the lessons that my life experience has taught me."

The main lesson this year? Embracing social media and new digital formats for hairdressing education. With a lifelong passion for training, Patrick has always sought new ways to share his insights – and over the last three years, has grown his online platforms to astounding new heights. “I’m a dinosaur that made the decision to move forward with social media,” he joked, “and now I’ve got a digital reach of almost 3.5million. If I can do it, you can too.”

Outlining the importance of building a personal brand, Patrick shared practical tips for creating and planning relatable, beautiful social media content. From working smarter not harder with video to tackling trolls, this was a masterclass in making digital work for you. Patrick’s own engaging online education platforms continue to evolve, updated weekly with new ideas, seasonal trends, and practical ways to evolve hair styling and provide profitable, relevant salon services.

This empowering, accessible approach doesn’t just relate to training, but also to the hair showcased on stage – after all, it wouldn’t be a Patrick Cameron show without ponytails, braids and seemingly-effortless udpos. “For me it has to be about ease and simplicity,” he told the audience. “It has to be commercial and about looks your clients want – not a fantasy.”

Reiterating the importance of a strong foundation, especially for softer looks, Patrick shared tips for building the perfect base: don’t over-condition the hair to maintain some grip, and always use hot rollers or a classic tong set to prep. He also shared the importance of model choice for photographic work on social media, explaining how intricate looks often work best on lighter hair to showcase the detailing, while darker hair can perform better for more structural styles.

Patrick breezed through an inspirational collection of hair up looks, encompassing techniques including knotting, weaving, and even twisting the hair through a classic, retro Topsy Tail tool. “I love playing,” he said. “And just seeing how the hair sits. That’s what inspires my creativity. Don’t overthink it – straightaway that’s what makes it old fashioned.”

Having inspired three generations of hairdressers, Patrick continues to evolve and find new, relevant ways to create, share and ignite the passions of long hair lovers across the globe.

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