The Power of the Playlist
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The Power of the Playlist

Music is good for the soul – a statement that resonates with many and is something the hairdressing industry can 99% agree with. Music not only connects people, it creates an incredible electric atmosphere, and results in a feel good atmosphere wherever people are present.

With salons around the world known for compiling their most loved songs on playlists and sharing these with their clients and teams, it is a subject which is very rarely spoken about, yet deserves credits, for helping every individual feel at ease, mentally present and is the reason for many starting conversations between a stylist and their client. The music played throughout a salon gives individuals the chance to engage, to enjoy and to be excited about their appointment and transformation.

Being good for the soul, music is a chance for clients to enjoy a moment of self love, care and reflection. During certain aspects of the client journey, using music as a way for them to fully embrace their own time, their own self and that moment is something so special, and making this an important moment during their appointment can instantly set salons and stylists aside from the rest.

To celebrate music and to connect everyone once more, ALTERNA Europe have unveiled their playlist of relaxing music, to allow the client to relax and recharge, whilst receiving a beautiful My Hair. My Canvas. Me Time Shampoo Head massage. Formulated with sustainably sourced vegan botanical caviar, this is the most luxurious head massage of 2022, with every individual invited to indulge in the music and take a moment to enjoy some self love and care.

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