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How to`s

How to`s - stylist advice

We want to be the best in what we do. We're constantly evolving and creatively adjusting to the changing market requirements. The best experts from all over the world share their knowledge with us. We work with specialists who represent a very high level.

Are you wondering how the hair styling professionals do it? This place is for you!

In How to’s tab in Stylist Advice section, you can find top tips on hair care and styling. This way, you can to improve your power and skills without leaving the house. Higher level of knowledge use in your daily work.

If you're looking for a brand new style, Stylist Advice section is full of inspiring ideas.  Experts’ styling tips,  tutorials,  best products recommendations, interviews, new trends - everything in one place!

stylist advice

stylist advice

Step By Step by Chelsea Bate for Elizabeth & Giovanni

Chelsea says “I absolutely love this image and I had so much fun creating it. Colour is a chance to express yourself and make statement and I wanted to do just that. We had an overall candy style theme for this shoot, which gave me the perfect opportunity to have some fun. I wanted to play with multiple colours and sharp lines to really make the colours pop. My aim was to create a bold image that was all about the hair and for me, the contrasting colours combined with the precision cut is the perfect example of that!”

The Luxe Blonde

As we celebrate the return of spring, it is once again time to enjoy the beautiful lighter colours which become a trend once again with our clients, our industry peers and the runways of the world.

Darrel Starkey, Taylors Hair Studio FEATURE/ 2022 TRENDS

2022 is nearly upon us and clients of all ages are excited for a new year, and getting closer to a normal environment once again. As we get closer to the new season and fresh start, trends are beginning to emerge in the salon already and are inspired by the fashion houses and runways around the world.


The ultimate Christmas hair colour that oozes shine. Comments from Suzie McGill, Artistic Director at Rainbow Room International, Scotland’s largest salon group and colour experts


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