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stylist advice


In How to’s tab in Stylist Advice section, you can find top tips on hair care and styling. This way, you can to improve your power and skills without leaving the house. Higher level of knowledge use in your daily work.

If you're looking for a brand new style, Stylist Advice section is full of inspiring ideas.  Experts’ styling tips,  tutorials,  best products recommendations, interviews, new trends - everything in one place!

5 fashionable hairstyles for winter 2020/2021

The fall and winter 2020/2021 season is in the trends of minimalism and a return to the classics. Your clients will ask you about simple cuts, natural colors, delicate pin-ups and easy-to-maintain hairstyles. Fashionable solutions focus on emphasizing natural beauty and a perfect everyday look.

Hair sauna - why you should have it in your hairdressing salon

Comprehensive services in a hairdressing salon include not only fashionable cuts and coloring, but also beauty treatments. A hair sauna is a great way to enrich your offer with intensive moisturizing and ozone treatments. This device is not new, but has recently become even more popular. Why is it worth investing in a hair sauna?

How to help a client with alopecia? How to stop hair loss?

Clients ask you how to stop hair loss? This is normal. Alopecia is a big problem that affects both your appearance and well-being. Even if you aren`t a trichologist, as a hairdresser you must have basic knowledge about it. The awareness of hair loss is growing, so men use professional treatments more and more often. Do you want to know what to advise clients who ask you about hair loss? Do you care about development in many areas? We invite you to a short guide.

Trichology in a hairdressing salon. Why is it worth it?

More and more hair salons, in addition to standard services, offer trichological treatments and examinations. Today, in hairdressing salons, we offer clients something more than perfect haircuts, beautiful colors or creative pin-ups. We care for the health of their hair and scalp. Is combining hairdressing and trichological services a good idea? What do you need to do to introduce trichology on the offer? What is trichology and why is it worth having such services in your salon? We decided to tell you about it.

The French Bob - hair trend for summer

Are you looking inspiration for a trendy hairstyle, perfect for the summer? Your clients ask you for nice haircuts, but you do the same hairstyle all the time? French bob is a hot trend this summer! It is very charming, elegant and stylish. It fits both blondes, brown-haired and redheads. Do you want to know more about this super trendy hairstyle? Read this article.

How to choose a hairstyle for the bride? 5 Questions You Need To Ask

The bride's hair styling is undoubtedly a very unique service. First of all, we are under pressure. Secondly, expectations are very high. Your work will be photographed. It will be commented on by many people for years. It must be timeless and DURABLE. After all, the quality of hair styling should be excellent even after a few hours of the wedding. Everyone who styled the bride's hair knows what we are writing about now. There is stress, there are high expectations, but fortunately there are also pluses - great satisfaction when everything goes well.


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