Bold roots - hair color trends 2020
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Bold roots - hair color trends 2020

The bold roots trend is one of the hottest hits in hair coloring in 2020. This somewhat extravagant but fresh haircut has become popular due to its originality and variety. Celebrities such as Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa are living proof that bold roots are a brilliant way to express yourself and stand out from the crowd. In addition, it is a fashionable and effective element of appearance.

What exactly is bold roots coloring?

Bold roots is the color of your hair roots (a few centimeters). The new color should contrast intensely with the rest of the hairstyle. There are many variations of this colorization. It can be a nice shade in combination with blonde hair. Make intensely colored roots. And even a rainbow strip from the roots of the hair. The only border in the creation of color combinations in this trend is our imagination.

Bold roots - why is it so popular?

The secret to bold roots is the simplicity of the hairstyle. Even if you don't like complicated colors, you won't have a problem with this trend. All you need to do is apply a constant color at the base of the head. Depending on the courage of your clients, you can give their hairstyle a more or less crazy character by choosing intense and original colors. Moreover, bold roots are an easy way to cover a large regrowth. By applying an interesting, highly contrasting shade, we can quickly refresh the image of our client. This trend in color is nothing new, but in a modern version, it takes on extremely intriguing forms. Bold roots is an interesting way of coloring. Pastels dominate this trend - including roses and lavender, especially on platinum hair.

 Warning! This colorful way of expressing yourself is not reserved only for owners of long strands, because it also looks brilliant on short bob and long bob hairstyles.

Rainbow roots - something for people crazy about colors

A particularly colorful version of bold roots is rainbow roots, which creates a wonderful rainbow of colors on our hair. Perfect for optimistic personalities. Coloring can also be done on the fringe. Such an effect will make the client manifest her originality. Colorful roots are a brilliant alternative to gray autumn and winter, when positive energy is always welcome.

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