5 fashionable hairstyles for winter 2020/2021
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5 fashionable hairstyles for winter 2020/2021

The fall and winter 2020/2021 season is in the trends of minimalism and a return to the classics. Your clients will ask you about simple cuts, natural colors, delicate pin-ups and easy-to-maintain hairstyles. Fashionable solutions focus on emphasizing natural beauty and a perfect everyday look.

Below we present the top 5 of the most fashionable hairstyles for the coming fall / winter season.

Hair combed back

Naturally trimmed strands of hair, combed back, are the secret of a unique look. It is practical and convenient. A little gel or varnish is enough to tame the strands of hair that fall into the eyes. This alternative does not require perfect hair styling. The effect of a wind-blown haircut is important.

Side parting hair

The side parting trend is elegant and practical. A simple cut combined with a parting allows you to quickly arrange the strands and looks great both in a loose version and in combination with a low bun or pony. Hair stylists especially like longer hair, which, when combined with a side part or in the middle, looks great when worn behind the ear.

Pixie Cut short haircut

Charming short hairstyles, popular in the 90s, are a great option for lovers of comfort and convenience. The pixie cut hairstyle with beautiful shading on the front is very flattering. It rejuvenates and looks very fresh.

Up your hair in buns, ponies and braids

The simplicity of the current trends is perfectly expressed by the usual home hair upholstery. Quick to make and very stylish - they are perfect for everyday use, e.g. when working in a home office. One cannot disregard the wide range of ponytail and spike braids. They are timeless and extremely comfortable.

Bob cut

Hairdressers also propose a timeless bob. However, remember that it has to be perfect. It is worth taking part in hairdressing training.

Bob cutting can have many faces:

  • jaw-lenght bob (haircuts on the chin line)
  • angular bob (combination of longer hair at the front and strong shading towards the nape)
  • shaggy bob (classic cut in matted styling)
  • beach wave bob (wavy strands like a surfer's)
  • collarbone bob (cuts to the height of the collarbones with different lengths at the back and front).
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