Hair sauna - why you should have it in your hairdressing salon
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Hair sauna - why you should have it in your hairdressing salon

Comprehensive services in a hairdressing salon include not only fashionable cuts and coloring, but also beauty treatments. A hair sauna is a great way to enrich your offer with intensive moisturizing and ozone treatments. This device is not new, but has recently become even more popular. Why is it worth investing in a hair sauna?

How does a hair sauna work?

The benefits of a hair sauna are incredible. It's all thanks to its moisturizing effect. A specialized device, generating a temperature of about 40⁰C, creates water vapor. Thanks to its use, the condition of the hair can significantly improve.

The strands of hair during the treatment will better absorb the active ingredients contained in the preparations we apply. The water vapor gently opens the cuticles of the hair, which allows it to better absorb nutrients, making the regeneration extremely intense and express.

Moisturizing properties – humidifier

Sauna is a device made of a special dome connected to a container for distilled water. The client puts their head there and the steaming water turns into a mist that envelops the hair. The heat strengthens the fragrance of cosmetics, making the sauna treatment a pleasant and relaxing aromatherapy.

Before starting the treatment, you should set the timer for the appropriate period of time - depending on what treatment you have chosen for the client. Usually it is 20 minutes.

Step by step hair sauna treatment

The steam treatment includes three stages - the use of individually selected care preparations, the action of steam and rinsing the cosmetics. First, wash your hair thoroughly - preferably twice. After applying the preparations matching your hair type, you can start "moisturizing". Final rinsing of the hair with cool water allows you to remove cosmetics residues and close the cuticles. The whole procedure is extremely pleasant and its results are amazing.

Who is the hair sauna treatment for?

The hair sauna is recommended for the care of all hair types, but it is especially helpful in the case of damaged, weakened, dry, dull and frizzy hair, as well as after coloring or perming.

Thanks to the treatments in the hair sauna, you can moisturize, regenerate and elasticize the strands. Water vapor increases the absorption of active ingredients from cosmetics, and thus - the hair becomes beautifully nourished and smooth. The purchase of equipment from reputable brands such as Fox, Wella, Ayala, Ceriotti is an investment for a long time.

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