Trichology in a hairdressing salon. Why is it worth it?
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Trichology in a hairdressing salon. Why is it worth it?

More and more hair salons, in addition to standard services, offer trichological treatments and examinations. Today, in hairdressing salons, we offer clients something more than perfect haircuts, beautiful colors or creative pin-ups. We care for the health of their hair and scalp. Is combining hairdressing and trichological services a good idea? What do you need to do to introduce trichology on the offer? What is trichology and why is it worth having such services in your salon? We decided to tell you about it.

Who is a trichologist?

The trichologist diagnoses and treats scalp and hair problems, in particular:

  • treatment of hair loss
  • scalp care
  • the treatment of atopic dermatitis, seborrhea and psoriasis
  • elimination of dandruff
  • inhibition of androgenic, menopausal, postpartum and drug-induced alopecia
  • stimulating hair to re-grow
  • general hair care that gives the hairstyle a healthy look

As a hairdresser, you should know that some treatments can weaken the hair or cause problems with dry scalp or hair loss.

Trichological knowledge will allow you to see the condition of the scalp and hair. It is very important.

Can anyone become a trichologist?

Are you wondering if you have to go to college if you want to be a trichologist? Not necessarily, although this is obviously the best solution. To become a trichologist, it is enough to complete the appropriate courses. According to Polish law, there is no profession like a trichologist. It is only a specialization that you can learn during training.

Anyone can become a trichologist. You don't need any additional permissions. You just need to learn new knowledge about hair, scalp and treatment methods.

Why is it worth having trichological services in a hairdressing salon?

Are you wondering if it makes any sense? Is it worth introducing trichology to your salon? Yes, in our opinion, this is a very good decision, as long as the person who is going to study takes it seriously.

A hairdresser that specializes in trichology:

  • will be able to professionally diagnose the condition of the scalp and hair of his clients,
  • learn to recognize the causes of problems
  • will have more knowledge about choosing the right cosmetics for hair or scalp,
  • will be able to carry out professional treatments, such as mesotherapy of the scalp, Dr Cyj, laser treatments, cleansing peels

What will your salon gain?

  • Greater prestige
  • Possibility to extend the offer
  • Customer trust
  • More income
  • Differentiator from the competition

Let me know what you think about it. Do you have trichological services in your hairdressing salon? Do you think hairdressers should be trained in this area? We are very interested in your opinion.

Katarzyna Grzech

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