The French Bob - hair trend for summer
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The French Bob - hair trend for summer

Are you looking inspiration for a trendy hairstyle, perfect for the summer? Your clients ask you for nice haircuts, but you do the same hairstyle all the time? French bob is a hot trend this summer! It is very charming, elegant and stylish. It fits both blondes, brown-haired and redheads. Do you want to know more about this super trendy hairstyle? Read this article.


French bob – characteristics

Remember what Amelia looked like in one of the most beautiful French films. Her hairstyle, just behind her ear, was completely unforced and nonchalant. It was amazing with its versatility and subtlety. Coco Chanel wore a similar hairstyle.

This is the french bob, which became famous after the premiere of the film Amelia. Almost 20 years have passed since then! And you know what? French women still love this hairstyle for its lightness and subtlety.

Characteristics of the French Bob:

  • mandible length of hair,
  • matted, wavy hair that signals a slight disorder,
  • strands that live their own life,
  • subtle fringe to the eyebrows (or shorter) - sometimes with a parted version

Advantages of french bob

Do you know why women love this hairstyle for years? First of all, it is very easy to style. French women make sure that their styling is unforced. They want to look as in the morning, of course, in their best shape.

The hair is supposed to style itself. Just run your hand through it. A subtle disorder is even desirable. This is what french bob is like. Styling a hairstyle takes just a few seconds.

In addition, the french bob is suitable for every woman. It looks great if the hair is slightly wavy or curly. It can be blonde, brown, black or red. Fits most face shapes. Such a hairstyle rejuvenates and adds style. Combined with red lipstick, it adds character. In the wavy version, it is extremely romantic.

However, this is one of the most interesting styles for short hair. We see French Bob is popular among stars, famous Instagram girls and lovers of good style.

We are sure that it will also work in your salon. Let us know what you think of such a cut.

Katarzyna Grzech

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