5 new hairdressing trends for fall / winter 2019-2020
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5 new hairdressing trends for fall / winter 2019-2020

A new season is coming and offers a whole host of new hairdressing trends. There are so many changes in hair colour ideas.   Smooth, low ponytails and long-forgotten gel are coming back on track. Hair accessories are still very popular and worth using for any special occasions.  Check out our short summary of the most important trends that will be hot in the upcoming season.


Natural colouring

The turn of the 2019/2020 is a great come back  to naturalness. Women will increasingly want to go back to their natural hair color. This has become a huge fashion trend  and is already visible on the streets of the largest metropolises in the world, It is also getting very popular on most of  the catwalks. This can be seen  at the Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Stella McCartney shows.

The main purpose of coloring will be to enhance the natural hair colour of your clients. Prepare your salon for it and choose the right colour palette for hair dyeing.

Low ponytail

Everyone talks  these days about a low, sleek and smooth ponytail. This hairstyle has become the biggest hit of the autumn / winter season 2019-2020. Stylish, elegant  and simple solution would suit any occasion.  It looks good in combination with fashionable accessories, e.g. a headband or hair clips. The low ponytail  was seen at shows of many famous brands such as Oscar de la Renta, Balmain, Paco Rabanne, Jacquemus, Stella McCartney or Prada. This is so simple to do and yet so effective, which is why we cannot ignore this trend.

The return of gel

Another surprising trend in the autumn / winter season 2019-2020 is a return to classic gelled hairstyles. It is difficult  to say whether  the solution will be adopted on the streets, but remember that 90’s style  is recently on top, so there is a good chance for it. Wet Look style has been seen at many shows. It is well liked by famous stylists, so who knows, maybe soon it will come back to our salons.

Hair accessories

Hair accessories are still very popular. You can buy headbands, hair clips and many other decorations practically in any chain store. Hair accessories will be an interesting addition  to a special occasion hair styles. It is worth offering  them to a clients during hair trial, e.g. for a wedding or other special event.

Soft waves and Old Hollywood style

Romantic, wavy hair never goes out of style. Old Hollywood style works well with both casual and formal stylisations. It's up to you how you style your hair. You can choose smooth hair with a right side parting or a more nonchalant version: the bangs pulled back. Look for inspirations from icons such as Ingrid Bergman, Elisabeth Taylor or Grace Kelly.

Let us know which trends are the most intriguing for you and what changes you have recently noticed among your clients. We are very curious what will become a long- term trend on our local market.

Katarzyna Grzech

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