Fashion for seniors - Gray as an aphrodisiac
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Fashion for seniors - Gray as an aphrodisiac

Homo sovieticus, or maybe a Japanese samurai? Deep gray blondes or cover-ups of the first signs of gray? Short or long hair? Maciej Maniewski, a Polish celebrity stylist, checked if gray hair can be sexy.

Baby boomers are people born between 1946 and 1964. Feeling safe and stable was so characteristic for them that they forgot how to express themselves. Now, finally, it's time for some independence. Their children left homes. It's time to live a second life and set their own rules. How does it reflect in the hairdressing world?

Gray, dark silver and purple pastels are becoming more and more popular. Instead of covering the first signs of gray, they can be extravagantly exposed. Cool, gray blondes will look nice on naturally fair hair. They also go well with light, warm color of skin. There are many coloring options. From all gray-blond hair to glowing hair. They revive the hairstyle and bring a lot of positive vibe. Gray hair looks very good on bob haircut or with long hair.

It is common that women and men shorten their hair with age. Hairstylists are trying to convince that it doesn’t have to be this way. Growing your hair when older is not only possible but also desirable. We have more time for its care, which is essential for longer hair styles. This also applies to men. A classic low-tied pony becomes less and less popular. The most popular are now high ponies, which were previously reserved only for women. This way homo sovieticus turns into a Japanese samurai. Elegant nonchalance without the risk of being laughed at or judged - this is the definition of a modern man above 50 years old. For women who can’t imagine their lives without colors, red is always a good idea. It's very girlish. In the presented option, red is expressive and makes facial features more subtle and brings out the color of the eyes.

Session coordinator: Szymon Niemczyński / HMC Group / FARMAGAN

Hair: Andrzej Lesnow, Agnieszka Gajda-Juzak, Marlena Tomczyk, Anna Kołtuńska, Mateusz Marański, Beata Koślin
Pictures: Łukasz Dziewic, Asia Piwka
Makeup: Monika Ogrzewalska
Styling: Katie December

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