How to Use Castor Oil for Hair?
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How to Use Castor Oil for Hair?

Castor Oil has been used on hair practically since forever. Nowadays, when a healthy lifestyle is a must-do, the interest about this oil is even bigger More and more women all over the world decide to buy it and include into their hair and scalp care. Let's check what are the benefits and how to use it.

Castor oil comes from a tropical castor oil tree, and more precisely, from its seeds. It’s in a form of oily liquid and is often present in various beauty products.. Thanks to its exceptional protective and regenerative properties, it’s used in hair masks and hair conditioners. Gray-brown seeds contain strongly poisonous castor substance. Toxic properties disappear after heat treatment, though.  As a result, oil contains only acidic glycerides.

The influence of castor oil

Castor oil used on hair, eyelashes and nails can do miracles, while its price is not too high. It is much cheaper compared to other similar oils. A lot of people recommend using castor oil on hair because it is very efficient, natural and safe. The most popular is unrefined castor oil, which contains large amount of fatty acids. It perfectly nourishes hair, smooths it, gives silky softness and repairs splitting ends. Castor oil also helps with the problem of hair drying and breaking.

The use of castor oil reduces inflammation of the scalp. Do you know why? This oil also has antiseptic and antifungal properties. It fights dandruff, and rubbing the oil into the scalp stimulates microcirculation. It raises the blood circulation in hair follicles, which helps nutrients get from the bloodstream. Castor oil used regularly strengthens the hair bulbs, results in faster hair growth and prevents falling out. This product can effectively stop excessive hair loss. If you want your hair grow faster and make it thicker, you should definitely consider using it.

How do you use castor oil?

Castor oil is pretty thick. Spreading it on your hair can be difficult, so the best way is to heat it up a little bit before. You can also mix it with another oil, for example coconut or almond oil. to dilute it. When it comes to the amount of castor oil that you should use, there is one rule - the less the better. If you use too much, it will be hard to wash it off.

First of all, you need to rub castor oil into your hair and scalp. Then, it is worth wrapping your head with a towel. You can also use a hair dryer to heat the turban up. This will strengthen the oil's properties. We can keep the oil on our hair as long as we want to or need to. This can be a few hours or  even overnight. Everyone should try different methods and choose the one which works the best.

The visible effects of castor oil use are usually after 3 months. This is the minimum treatment time for the hair. Using it once a week is optimal. It is worth mentioning that castor oil should be used with caution by people with fair hair, as it may darken it. Women, whose hair was bleached, should also do a test if the oil makes their hair darker.


To sum up, castor oil is a great natural remedy for our hair, that is exposed to harmful factors, like hair dyes, hairdryers, straighteners or strong shampoos every day. If you don’t want to have many ineffective cosmetics and waste your money, you should consider buying castor oil. It has much better price and results than many other exclusive products.

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