Hair loss. How to Deal With This Difficult Problem?
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Hair loss. How to Deal With This Difficult Problem?

Do you have a hair loss problem? Find out reasons and learn how to say goodbye to this serious problem.

The problem of hair loss

Hair loss is a natural process and affects every person, regardless of the age. Hairs fall out and new ones grow in their place. However, if you are concerned about the amount of hair on your brush or your hair got really thin, think about the possible cause of it. Probably, you will need to change your diet, use some hair loss products or undergo a treatment. When does hair loss start to be a problem and how to keep your hair on your head?

Causes of hair loss

There might be plenty of reasons for losing hair. It is worth considering the lifestyle, the level of stress or diet. You have to answer a question: why is my hair falling out? The cause of hair loss can be also genetically determined.


Stress has a negative impact on our well-being and health. It may result in excessive hair loss and cause slower blood circulation and dehydration of the scalp. It often happens that as a result of stress we make many unnecessary moves, like scratching the head, which speeds up the process of hair loss.


This is another reason of hair loss. Women, due to the menstrual cycle, are more prone to hair loss. Recent moms also complain about their hair falling out. Hair loss after giving birth is the result of hormonal changes, especially of the estrogen. This hormone is responsible for the hair growth phase. The problem of weaker and dull hair after pregnancy is also very common.


Excessive hair loss can be caused by poor diet and lack of proper vitamins such as vitamin A and B. Vit. A is responsible for strengthening hair, while vit. B supports its growth. Strict and not well-balanced diet may lead to loss of vitamins that are responsible for healthy skin and hair.

Hairdressing treatments

Changing your hair color too often, using high temperature from hair dryer, straightener or curler weakens the structure of the hair. This causes its mechanical damage.

Hair treatments may cause hair thinning and significant weakening of its structure. It's important to  moisture hair with the right products.

Hair loss products

Due to the scale of the problem, there are more and more hair loss products available on the market. The fastest results can be observed with mesotherapy treatment. It’s about stimulating the scalp and enriching it with some active ingredients. They stimulate the hair roots forcing them to grow again. However, this is a method that requires time and patience. The effects are visible after a few treatments.

Thankfully, this is not the only solution. The home treatment should be followed by the daily use of the right hair serum. This process stimulates hair regrowth and also makes hair loss stop shortly.

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