5 Festival Hairstyle Ideas for 2019
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5 Festival Hairstyle Ideas for 2019

Each year, the number and quality of the European festivals is getting bigger and better. The summer calendar is filled to the brim with various types of events.

Check out the list of 5 best hairstyles that you can come across during music festivals. They may turn out as a great inspiration.

5 Festival Hairstyle Ideas for 2019

  1. Colorful dizziness - definitely number one on our list. Rainbow coloring is the most popular hairstyle trend this season. Violets, pastels, neons, bright colors - we say YES to all the shades! Holidays are the perfect moment for being a little crazy. If not now, when?!
  2. Fresh flowers tucked into hair - this add-on gives a girlish chic. We are big fans of putting single flowers into hair as well as wearing colorful wreaths made of wild flowers and grains. These two options really look good for example in vintage styling, with a rustic character.
  3. Space Buns - two or more, as you like. Everyone remembers Princess Leia’s iconic buns in Star Wars. These are similar. Buns hair fashion came back with a big bang. No wonder - this hairdo passes the test even during the most demanding concerts. It lasts for hours, so you don`t have to worry about your look for the whole night!
  4. Braids in any form

Ageless, timeless, very practical and comfortable. Braids are always a great solution. The best ones are these that go around the head and look like a delicate, girlish crown. Another great option is a Fishtail Braid. Making it is definitely more challenging, but worth trying for the final outcome!

  1. Accessories up!

Pens, jewelry, scarves, turbans - all accessories are more than welcome. The more creative, the better. Last season’s hit was hair jewelry, slightly falling on the face. This will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.

This is our subjective summary of this year's festival hairstyles. Hairdressing trends are changing constantly, and each new, party season brings us more and more "crazy" options. We are really curious what is about to come up in the next few years.

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