Skinfaded Textured Crop Barber Classic Look 2022 in collaboration with WAHL Ambassador - Jürgen Niederl
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Skinfaded Textured Crop Barber Classic Look 2022 in collaboration with WAHL Ambassador - Jürgen Niederl

In 2022, the crop continues to be one of the most popular men’s haircuts around. And that’s no surprise, as the cut exudes a modern, urban and stylistic swagger. Its origins can be traced back to the 1960s, a time when Vidal Sassoon was revolutionising the hairdressing industry with the very first progressive male and female haircuts. The crop is perfect for men who want their hairstyles to look cool without spending a lot of time on styling them. Using this as inspiration, WAHL collaborated with WAHL Ambassador Jürgen Niederl (Holy Tiger Barbershop, Graz) to create the Skinfaded Textured Crop, a haircut which, as indicated by its name, is characterised by intensively styled textures at the top of the head.

The shaven neck and side areas are also a striking feature of the crop style. Accuracy is key, because the cut’s proper effect relies on perfect fades and precise contours. Furthermore, selecting the right tool is essential to unlocking the style’s quality. “When it comes to my tools, I make absolutely no compromises”, explains Jürgen Niederl, WAHL Brand Ambassador. He therefore decided to use the brand new WAHL CORDLESS LEGEND from the renowned WAHL 5 Star Edition range for trimming and cutting the hair. While he blended the transitions using the WAHL CORDLESS MAGIC CLIP, Jürgen Niederl defined the contours with the popular WAHL CORDLESS DETAILER LI, which features a special T-Blade for creating details with optimum levels of precision. The new WAHL BARBER DRYER was used during the styling process.

Accompanying this look, WAHL is presenting a step-by-step guide that allows barbers and hairdressers to create this look very easily in their salons.

Step-by-Step for the Skinfaded Textured Crop
1. Create a horseshoe-shaped section in the hairline at the top of the head.
2. Starting from the temple, create a horizontal base line beyond the back of the head to the occipital bone using the CORDLESS LEGEND (closed blade set). Repeat on the other side.
3. The hair is worked in sections running vertically and diagonally at the side areas from the temple to beyond the back of the head.
4. With two fingers over the ear, define a clear guiding line around the entire head using the CORDLESS DETAILER LI.
5. Using the CORDLESS MAGIC CLIP and 3 mm attachment comb, softly blend the hard line to create a seamless transition. (Open to closed blade set until the transition has been perfectly blended)
6. Refine the transition using the CORDLESS LEGEND and open blade set.
7. Create a radial section from ear to ear and, using the point cut technique, work in a vertical guide band at a 90-degree angle in the connection from the back of the head to the crown. Now continue with this technique and cut sections running vertically and diagonally to the front.
8. Using the CORDLESS LEGEND, add extra texture to the hair in the fringe area by using the point cut technique.
9. Shave the beard hair using the CORDLESS DETAILER LI.
10. Finally, use the BARBER DRYER to give the hair the required shape and then accentuate using a matt styling product.


Hair: Jürgen Niederl, Graz / Holy Tiger Barbershop @holytigerbarbershop
Photos: WAHL / Lex Karelly Photography @lex_karelly
Model: Stefan Taferner / Flare Talents @flaretalents
Photo Credit of portrait Jürgen Niederl: Lupi Spuma

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