Classic Gentleman Look - MOSER Oriental Inspired Men Collection 2022
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Classic Gentleman Look - MOSER Oriental Inspired Men Collection 2022

The Classic Gentleman Look is still one of the most popular male hairstyles around today. The main reasons why men love it so much are its versatility and how easy it is to create. Whether as a professional look in the office or a more casual style during time off – the Classic Gentleman looks great anywhere.  MOSER is presenting this style as part of its current Oriental Inspired Men Collection collection 2022 in collaboration with Enes Dogan of the MOSER Artistic Team. With special accents and details, he breathed new life into the classic masculine style and gave it a modern and elegant look. The top hair is kept longer and can be combed back or blow-dried into a straightforward pompadour later on, or simply worn in a more casual, natural style if a sportier look is desired. The side and neck areas are cut short, while the skin-to-hair transitions must be of first-class quality (as in the upper area) to lend the style its sophisticated look. During the creative process, Enes Dogan drew inspiration from the high barbering art of the Orient, which is famously used as the basis for intensely perfect male haircuts and shaves.

Creating the Classic Gentleman Look with the right tools

To create the base cut and the blended transitions, Enes decided on the MOSER CHROM2STYLE, which is just as ideal for cutting the hair as it is for working in precise skin-to-hair transitions. “What I love so much about the CHROM2STYLE is its excellent cutting precision and how light and dynamic it is to work with”, enthuses Enes. He worked in the contours and details using the CHROMINIPRO2. When styling the hair, he used the MOSER VENTUS hair dryer. All MOSER hair clippers and styling tools convince with their top quality and bear the predicate “Made in Germany”.

Step-by-step guide for the Classic Gentleman

  1. Create a horseshoe-shaped section in the hair.
  2. Using the CHROM2STYLE and the appliance-over-finger technique, the sides are cut in sections running diagonally backwards from front to back to the middle of the back of the head (both sides must meet in the middle and gently overlap) in order to create a layering effect.
  3. Using the CHROM2STYLE and 9 mm attachment comb, work a transition into the neck area.
  4. Using the appliance-over-comb technique, work a soft transition into the neck and side areas.
  5. Clean up and finish off all contours using the CHROMINIPRO2.
  6. Blow-dry the hair. Pull up the top hair at a 90-degree angle and cut a dynamic guiding line using the over-comb technique. Slightly pull the fringe above the last guiding line (in order to add a little bit of length to the front).
  7. Blow-dry the hair with the VENTUS PRO and style with a texturizing serum suitable for the hair’s structure.
  8. Redefine the contours in the beard area using the CHROMINIPRO 2.


Hair: Enes Dogan, MOSER Artistic Team @enesdogan_de
Photos: MOSER / Maximilian Kamps @maximiliankamps

Model: Serkan @serkan.unoffiziel        

Collection: MOSER Oriental Inspired Men Collection 2022

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