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The ultimate Christmas hair colour that oozes shine. Comments from Suzie McGill, Artistic Director at Rainbow Room International, Scotland’s largest salon group and colour experts

Red is THE colour of the festive season and it's not only trendy in terms of Christmas decor but also hair colour! Red hair is always a dominant hair colour trend for winter and there are red hair tones to suit everyone and their skin tone. Red also provides hair with mega shine - the perfect way for clients to compliment their Christmas party outfits!

When opting for this hair colour in the salon, clients should ask their hairdresser about the perfect red for them and their skin tone. For lighter skin tones, shades of strawberry blonde and copper are extremely flattering. For medium and darker skin tones, vibrant cherry and red wine like reds look beautiful. However, these tones do require upkeep with haircare products to keep the shade looking vibrant, as well as long-lasting.

For clients who don't want an all over red hair colour, adding red through the hair via highlights is a fantastic choice and will add depth, dimension and a warm glow to their hair for the season. A subtle sheen of red over brunette hair also looks incredible and is a great way to warm the hair up for the colder season.


- Clients should leave their hair at least 48 hours before their first shampoo! The hair is still oxidising on the day of the colour appointment and clients can lose colour and shine if they wash their hair too quickly.
- Where possible clients should reduce heated styling, which can lead to hair colour fading and hair becoming damaged and not looking its best. If clients do need to style their hair with heated styling tools, they should always use a heat protection spray to protect their hair as much as possible.
- Clients should use a good quality professional shampoo, conditioner and hair mask to keep their hair in its best condition and full of shine.
- They should also avoid over washing their hair. This will strip their hair of its natural oils, which results in colour fading quicker. Instead, clients should try to only shampoo 1-2 times per week and use a dry shampoo between washes to absorb excess oil.
- Lastly, clients should keep their colour looking fresh and vibrant by visiting a professional salon regularly. Semi permanents are a great way to refresh colour and keep it looking shiny and beautiful.

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