On the armchair: Anne Veck
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On the armchair: Anne Veck

Today we will focus our attention on the great hair stylist Anne Veck, who works in one of her salons in England every day. Anne is an amazing person with versatile skills who will tell us the secrets of her work. I invite you to read the interview.

n4h - Anne, what is like to be one of the most famous hairdressers in the world?
Anne - It’s amazing to be recognised by your peers, but I feel like a bit of an impostor when I hear this kind of statement. I think you’re only as good as your last collection. And I believe I’m on a journey and will never reach the destination!

n4h - You are the next generation authority. Do you feel responsible for it?
Anne - I think with social media your work is now seen all over the world, so it’s a big responsibility. I do think it’s important to share and pass on your knowledge. When I’m teaching it works both ways, I get a lot out of the people in my class.

n4h - Environmental protection is very important to you. How can you be environmentally friendly in a salon?
Anne - By looking at every aspect of your business – sustainability requires conscious changes. It encompasses everything from using toilet paper made of bamboo, to choosing disposable and compostable towels, to installing LED lighting, to buying your energy from a green provider. In summary, reduce your energy consumption to reduce your carbon emissions and then reduce your use of plastic packaging and non-organic products.

n4h - You are the winner of hundreds of hairdressing competitions. Do you sometimes have a moment of uncertainty? For example, do you think that something went wrong? The cut is bad or colour different than you planned?
Anne - All the time! I do think it is essential to question your work and prevent yourself from becoming complacent. Why would you not continually reinvent yourself and grow and develop just as the industry around you is always growing and changing too.

n4h - What would you do differently if you were starting your career again?
Anne - Maybe I would work on a freelance basis and try to have more variation in my weekly routine. Owning salons has given me credibility but at the same time running a business is very time consuming. I would love to be a real expert with social media!

n4h - You’ve had to see many changes in hairdressing over the years. What do you think were the best and worst innovations?
Anne - The best and the worst is social media. It can be very stressful because clients’ expectations have become totally unrealistic. As a stylist you have to remember some Instagram images have filters so the look is not achievable in one session. Also, these days people post first and think afterwards!
On the other hand, social media has improved the salon-client communication enormously and YouTube is now the go-to resource for education and training.

n4h - What is the most important thing for you in teaching young hairdressers? Do you have the best advice someone has ever given you?
Anne - Practice, practice, practice and maybe you will get it perfect. Don’t expect success to happen over night. If you enter competitions be prepared to lose, as this will happen more often than not.

n4h - You are artistic director of Anne Veck Salons in Oxfordshire. What is the most important thing in salon management?
Anne - Invest in your team…without a great team you won’t have many clients!

n4h - You are regularly at London Fashion Week. What do you like about such events?
Anne - It can be quite frustrating as usually everything seems to be organised at the last minute. But I love the excitement and I‘m able to work well and fast under pressure so that helps!

n4h - Who is the inspiration for your work?
Anne - Social media is great for inspiration as you now have access to images and tutorials of other hairdressers from all over the world. I love the guys from X-pression in Spain, they really think out of the box and are very creative. I’m also a great fan of Alexandre de Paris for all the classic beauty he creates.

n4h - What is your #1 hair care tip?
Anne - Don’t overuse heat on hair. Always have a heat protection spray in your bag. I love Revlon Professional LISSAVER from the Style Master range.

Thank you for the conversation.



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