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RAFAEL BUENO Rafael Bueno Peluqueros

Rafael Bueno Ruiz is a 35-year-old hairdresser and stylist from Malaga.  He began his professional career, at only fifteen, working in the family’s hairdressing business. He continued working in the salon whilst studying hairdressing and styling. In 2004, he decided to launch his own brand: Rafael Bueno Peluqueros. His vocation was always clear: the world of image. A passion that he enjoys daily at his salon in Malaga and one that is combined with his pedagogical capacity, his savoir faire teaching courses, participating in fashion magazines and blogs, as well as creating his own collections.


Jamie Wiley is a Louisville-based hairstylist and the daughter of a hairdresser. Her early education equipped her with the intuition of a seasoned stylist. Including that with her five-year service in the United States Army, she brings integrity, gallantry, and selfless service to all of her projects.


Ryuta Tomono considers himself a contemporary hair artist, the fruit of a groundbreaking and advanced vision of hairdressing. He feels such true passion and pride in his profession that it has led him to focus on it as one more artistic discipline that is expressed through hairstyles, makeup and fashion.


From 8 to 14 years old, his great passion was wooden sculpture. Sculpture was everything, even a vocation to become his profession. Although, at the same time, from the context, he felt that he had no other choice. However, when he was 14 he was demotivated at school and quit it, arguing that it was not a job with a future. The alternative was hairdressing, a decision he never doubted.

MAYTE GARROTE Different Estilistas

Mayte Garrote, hairdresser and stylist, born in Barakaldo in 1977. Mayte defines herself as restless, creative and dreamy; passionate about her work, which coincides with her hobby and her great passion: “to make people beautiful”. But, there is much more to Mayte Garrote. A hairdresser with initiative who has transformed her dreams into a tangible reality, taking her own path through her Different Estilistas salon. A team made up of four members with a common goal: perseverance, well-executed work, quality of service and continuous technical innovation.

OLGA GARCÍA Olga García Estilistas

With 33 years of experience in the hairdressing sector, Olga García is an active professional who never stops growing and learning.  She opened her first salon in Cabezón de Pisuerga (Valladolid) whilst taking her first steps as a professional stylist, and she inaugurated a second salon in the same town two decades later.


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