Hair as a hallmark of identity
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Hair as a hallmark of identity

Within the total look, hair plays the leading role, because it always comes with us and expresses better than any other element who we are and how we want to show ourselves to the world.

Hair is a blank canvas on which we pour our personality and emotions. And we have more and more tools at our disposal to bring it to life. Because, when it comes to haircut and colour, trends and techniques are constantly on the rise, thanks to digitalisation and a profession that is always striving to improve and innovate.
We can also use textures, volumes, updos and accessories of all kinds to achieve unique, magnetic results that are impossible to ignore. The options are endless and, above all, exciting. And we must dare to discover and experiment with them.
The goal? To send a message without saying a single word, just with our hair. A hair that has our voice and our essence, that is our hallmark of identity.

CHEVALIER by CHRISTIAN RÍOS @christianriossalon

Photographer: Esteban Roca @esteban_roca_photo

Hair: Christian Ríos Hair Couture @christianriossalon

Photography: Esteban Roca @esteban_roca_photo

Retouche: Esteban Roca @esteban_roca_photo

MUA: Josep López @joseplopezmarti

Styling: Christian Ríos Hair Couture @christianriossalon

Products: Revlon @revlonprofessional_es

Kevin Murphy @kevinmurphyspain

DELICATE by RAQUEL SAIZ @blue_by_raquelsaiz

Photographer: Esteban Roca @esteban_roca_photo

Hair: Raquel Saiz @blue_by_raquelsaiz

Photography: Esteban Roca @esteban_roca_photo

MUA: Manuela Giménez @manuela.makeupandhair para @blue_by_raquelsaiz

Styling: Raquel Saiz

Models: Sara Loinaz, Sara Sanz, María Abiega, Cristina Martínez

Products: Revlon Professional @revlonprofessional_es


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