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Beauty and simplicity, modernity and tradition. At first glance contrasts; deep down beautiful synergies. These collections aim to reaffirm that opposing combinations work and highlight the power of a cut and a colour.

Beauty of Silence Collection
Shogo Ideguchi presents the Silence Beauty Collection, a tribute to simplicity and beauty through the play of contrasts between the various shades of colour and the work with the cutting lines. A fusion between the beauty of hairstyles and the simplicity that black and white photography continues to express. A dichotomy capable of highlighting and expressing the purest beauty through the simplest of things. A collection that evokes perfectionism and meticulousness, from the most beautiful perspective of straight shapes and simple cuts, leaving aside extravagance, incorrectness and exaggeration. The result, artistic images of sophisticated beauty.

Progressive and Tradition Collection
Continuing with contrasts, Shogo Ideguchi's collection is an amalgamation of modernity, fashion and tradition. A tribute to innovation, which at first glance may border on the antithesis, but which blends perfectly thanks to the choice of traditional colours and clothes that combine with modern and trendy hairstyles. The straight and asymmetrical cuts as well as the marked textures are brimming with modernity, capable of being unified with the oldest ancestral tradition. Connection with the origins to achieve a sophisticated evolution that keeps the cutting technique as the main protagonist.

Hair: Shogo Ideguchi @shogoideguchi
Photographer: Mori Yutaka @mori_yutaka_photo_office / Kenta Nakamura @hanahanamegane17 / Kazuhiro Yaekura
MUA: Madoka Ideguchi @madoka_ideguchi
Styling:Kouichi Fujisaki @kou__chang
Video: Shogo Ideguchi @shogoideguchi


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