JOICO Inspires Creativity with The Vero K-Pak Color Masterpiece Collection 2022.
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JOICO Inspires Creativity with The Vero K-Pak Color Masterpiece Collection 2022.

The latest Vero K-Pak Color Masterpiece Collection from JOICO is inspired by the work of renowned French master, Odilon Redon, who was celebrated for creating dreamlike paintings heavily influenced by Japanese art. Considered a precursor to both Dadaism and Surrealism, Redon worked in a variety of mediums from charcoals to pastels taking inspiration from nature and wistfulness.

David Murray, JOICO Senior Creative Artist and member of the European Design Team and Katrina Kelly, JOICO Creative Color Artist and member of the European Color Design Team  worked together to create a true Masterpiece Collection, where colour and cut compliment and inspire each other, whilst taking references from Redon’s stunning paintings and philosophy. With support from JOICO Ambassador for Europe, UK and Ireland, Bruno Marc Giamattei the team have produced a true masterpiece, an innovative and imaginative collection of haircuts and bespoke colors showcasing art in its most expressive form.

For over 25 years, Vero K-Pak Color has provided hairdressers with the color palate to create their own masterpiece. A true tone color line featuring intermixable pure tone shades which provide the artistic freedom to create a spectrum of limitless colors. Vero K-Pak Color has unique reconstructive benefits due to its technology. The Trans-Cuticle Delivery System TM, featuring Quadramine Complex, channels color molecules deep into the hair, using as little ammonia as possible, whilst reconstructing the hair.

On both models, Katrina used Vero K-Pak Color to create a palate of colour inspired by the soft dreamlike tones similar to those Redon used in his masterpiece’s including Animals of the Sea (1910) and Evocatation of Butterflies (1910-12). Taking inspiration from the way Redon used colour placement to accentuate shadows or create lightness, along with the way he created tones to complement each other, Katrina was able to build her own color palates using Vero K-Pak Color, very much in the spirt of Redon, who was quoted as saying, ”I await joyous surprises while working, an awakening of the materials that I work with and that my spirit develops”.

David was also motivated by Redon, when creating the captivating and versatile haircuts.  “Inspired by Redon, I put the structure in first and then using my creativity and a variety of techniques from razor cutting to slide cutting, I added another dimension to each look.” With each cut versatility is the name of the game and each cut can very easily be changed with JOICO styling products to create a look that is suitable for any occasion.

When art and creativity come together a true masterpiece is created, with inspiration being omnipresent with the Vero K-Pak Masterpiece Collection 2022.


Hair – David Murray & Katrina Kelly, JOICO European Design Team
Art Direction – Bruno Marc, JOICO Ambassador for the UK, Europe and Ireland
Photography – Jamie Blanshard
Styling – Katie Moore
Products – JOICO Europe

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