RESPIRA Collection by EOS/MEN
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RESPIRA Collection by EOS/MEN

In a moment of social deprivation, paradigm shift, and questioning of both freedom and priorities, we capture that moment of internal conversation, returning to the pristine to dive into decisions without suggestions.

It’s like a breath of personality, of reaffirmation of what we are and what we want. Different individual wishes are displayed in each look. Curly volumes stand up, showing themselves shamelessly. Haircuts with a natural and original finish that grow freely until almost covering the eyes. Long tricolor manes highlight the face to create a new presence. In short, all that is new in us ends up emerging.

Hair: Pilar Zaragozá & Leticia Martínez – EOS | MEN
Hair Instagram: @srta.pili_eos @srta_letii @eos__men
Photography: David Arnal @davidarnalteam
MUA: EOS | MEN @eos__men
Styling: Eunnis Mesa @eunnismesa
Designer: Mariana Domínguez @maridominguez
Models: Agustín @agustinpelloni, Carlos @_carlosgarcia16, Óscar @oscarmiraditas, Alfredo @alffuster11
Products: Revlon Professional @revlonprofessional_es
American Crew @americancrew_spain

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