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Step into a Metaverse of revolutionary styles, where reality blends with the virtual. SK Style Barcelona presents a hairdressing collection that celebrates this unique symbiosis. With avatars sculpted from real models, each hairstyle is an authentic reflection of personalities and physical features. Imagine cuts and colours that transcend the boundaries of the known world. In this fusion, creativity is unleashed without boundaries. Textures come to life, colours become digital canvases and expressions find their pure essence.

Explore the harmonious dance between the tangible and the virtual, an experience where imagination unfolds and beauty reaches new heights. The Metaverse of SK Style Barcelona is a dream shared by daring souls who transcend conventional reality. Each hairstyle is a visual narrative, with threads of reality merged with digital gleams. Boundaries fade away, allowing our clients to immerse themselves in their most genuine identities and dare to express themselves without fear. This collection embodies the future and presents the art of hairdressing in a constant evolution. Welcome to a realm where hair becomes art, and where fashion and technology intertwine to create a new era of styling.

In the Metaverse, everyone is free to be authentic and to experience the transformative power of a simple haircut. Dare to join this hair metamorphosis into the unexplored!

Hair: Alexander Kiryliuk | @alexanderkiryliuk @skstylebarcelona

Hairdressing assistants: Kseniia Grishanova | @kseniia_grishanova27

Photography: David Arnal | @davidarnalteam

Retouche: Javier Villalabeitia | @javiervillalabeitia

MUA: Miguel Silva | @miguel.silvac

Styling: Ángel Cabezuelo | @angelcabezuelo77

Models: @its_anta, @niahteron, @zhenyakachalo

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