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“Working Woman”: a tribute to women in the business world. Inspired by women in the business world and with a nostalgic touch of the nineties, this hairdressing collection pays homage to the triumph over barriers that had previously denied their entry.

The protagonists in this collection boldly challenge established norms, defined only by their own guidelines. In "Working Woman", we explore the exceptional ability of these women to masterfully balance and merge their multifaceted roles.

They are wives, mothers, friends and, above all, successful professionals who have made their way in a traditionally male-dominated world. The collection captures the essence of the confidence and determination that these women exude in their business environment.

The hairstyles reflect their strength and elegance, using crisp, structured lines that convey a sense of power. The cuts and styles highlight each woman's individuality. They emphasise their professionalism and sophistication.
Colours draw inspiration from the nineties palette, with bold and vibrant tones that symbolise the energy and passion of these women in their quest for success. From blonde tones to dramatic contrasts in dark shades, each style reflects their unique personalities and their courage in facing challenges and overcoming barriers.
"Working Woman" stands as a collection that celebrates the strength and determination of entrepreneurial women, paying homage to their ability to set their own course and succeed in all aspects of their lives.

With this collection, we want to inspire all women to continue to pursue their dreams and harness their inner power to achieve whatever they set their minds to.

Hairdresser: Jamie Wiley @jamiewileyeditorial

Hair Salon: HAIRBOSS Salon Studio

Hairdressing assistant: Nanette Guild @nanette_guild

Photography & Retouch: Patrick Sporleder @patricksporleder

Makeup: Phiphi Liang @phiphiliang

Styling: Anica Buckson @xx_anaka_xx

Products: Pureology @pureology | BabylissPRO @babylissprousa | Mizani @mizani

Models: Kelsea Campbell @kelsea.campbell | Emily Constance @Emily.grondine | Mel De Los Santos @ysmeli

Designers: @majeparis | @houseofharlow1960 | @frame | @andotherstories | @tovastore | @LouiseetCie | @ralphlauren | @veronicabeard | @oliviaandjackson | @pierrecardin | @je

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