ECLÉCTIKA by Carol Bruguera The harmony of not renouncing anything
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ECLÉCTIKA by Carol Bruguera The harmony of not renouncing anything

With ECLÉCTIKA, the brand can join the most extreme contrasts in harmony, innovation, and originality. Carol Bruguera presents ECLÉCTIKA, a new artistic collection that integrates different techniques and trends in every hairstyle.

Eclecticism: one way to think, live, and act that is caracterized by choosing opposed concepts, ideas, values, and trends and combining them to achieve an organic whole.

The creative team of Carol Bruguera has been inspired by this school of thought to create ECLÉCTIKA, one collection that manifests the complexity of one empowered femininity, the one that conciliates hardness, sweetness, reason and passion, truth and darkness.

Through this original way, in the setting of a baroque church and on trapezes and ropes that take them away from the earthly, the ECLÉCTIKA acrobats take to the aesthetic world the deepest concept and full of femininity, the one that contemplates a series of intense contrasts that melt with each other. In the case of ECLÉCTIKA, they do it in unimaginable degraded and antagonistic shapes joined in a whole.

ECLÉCTIKA represents this concept through a combination of contrasted techniques and trends which, in the total, achieve harmony: playing to join a close-cropped cut that does not reach its maximum with the innocent beauty of wavy hair; combining its own natural hair tone with some worn effect fantasy colors; joining the most radical techniques with the purest trends. In terms of shape, it avoids the geometric haircuts, betting on the most organic transition possible. And, regard to the color, it is obtained by the most extreme technique: bleaching. This one allows playing with the fantasy tones in different directions, colors, gradients, and even with the worn effect intensity.

Hairdressing Director: Mia Carol @carolbruguera @mia_carolbruguera

Hairdressing Manager: Emma Sagristà

HairdressersNúria Codina, Sandra León. Queralt Martínez, Alberto Moreno and  Gema Rivera

Production Assistant

Mireia Pons

Lídia Serra

Make Up Aina Aranda

Photography Ivan Raga

Making of Photography Bárbara Ylla

Audiovisual Production Natx Creacions Audiovisuals

Design & Strategy Dadà&Co

Circus Technician Miquel Carbonell

Location Església de la Pietat (Vic)

Models Nuria Alsina, Mar-i-cel Borràs, Carla Carol, Alba Guiteras, Judit Hidalgo

Special thanks to

Vic Turisme

Vic Punt Zero

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