Toni&Guy partners with Zenoti for next-generation global salon and client solution
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Toni&Guy partners with Zenoti for next-generation global salon and client solution

All-in-One Cloud Solution to Power More Than 625 Locations Globally

Toni&Guy, the world’s leading hair salon brand and education pioneer has chosen to work with Zenoti for their next generation all-in-one, cloud-based, salon management solution. Zenoti and Toni&Guy are pleased to develop a partnership that will not only enhance the Toni&Guy client and salon experience, but which includes Zenoti acquiring selected assets of SALONGENIUS, Toni&Guy’s in-house software platform. The resulting partnership will accelerate the growth path  for Toni&Guy, and for hundreds of independent salons using the SALONGENIUS solution.

Through Zenoti’s elevation of the client journey at every touch point, Toni&Guy are excited to offer their clients the industry-leading, effortless and highly personalised experience through their branded app, bringing touchless convenience to the palm of their hands. “Zenoti allows us to use technology to create an even better experience for our clients, keeping them safe and connected, and making access to their salon as convenient as possible,” says Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck, Owner and Creative Director of Toni&Guy.

Says Sudheer Koneru, Zenoti CEO, “We are delighted that this partnership brings state-of-the-art improvements to the Toni&Guy infrastructure, to its clients, and to the global network of salons currently using desktop technology.” Zenoti, which caters to 80% of all enterprise salons, spas and medspas across the globe, will offer its solutions to the independent and multi-location salons currently using SALONGENIUS. “The partnership offers everyone in the Toni&Guy and SALONGENIUS networks a smooth path to the Zenoti software solutions that already power most of the biggest brands in the world,” adds Koneru.

In addition to enhancing client service, Toni&Guy will leverage Zenoti’s cloud-based solution to drive continued growth with a unified operational view. “Our SALONGENIUS software has been industry-leading for many years. As we look to move to the next level, embracing all of the recent innovation in technology, Zenoti stood out as the partner to work with to achieve the best possible solution for our clients and our salons,” says Nigel Darwin, CEO of Toni&Guy.

Zenoti’s acquisition of the SALONGENIUS brand and selected assets ensures a seamless transition and great opportunity for the salons using it, whilst helping to accelerate UK market penetration for the software leader. Salons using the desktop software can be upgraded to the state-of-the-art Zenoti solution, immediately realizing the power and simplicity of cloud-based software. “We’re pleased that the partnership brings the industry’s strongest cloud-based software to the independent salons so they can also benefit from this new partnership,” says Paul Jackson, Managing Director of SALONGENIUS. “Cloud-based software gives salons a unified and secure database, automatic upgrades, no installations, and the opportunity to use salon solutions to drive their own expansion.”

With 625 locations across the world, Toni&Guy has over 55 years of history as a pioneer in the global hair industry and has chosen Zenoti to be its partner to set the foundation for accelerated growth and consistent branding, marketing and customer service.

Together Toni&Guy, and Zenoti will elevate the brand experience at each salon through targeted marketing efforts, branded technology, simplified operations, and pioneering education, all on one solid platform. Zenoti believes in the power of the process and excels in making each step streamlined to best grow a business and exceed customers’ expectations.


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