Hairdressing Courses - is it worth it?
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Hairdressing Courses - is it worth it?

Hairdressing academies are springing up like mushrooms after rain. There have never been so many of them. There are more and more educators, mentors and trainers. Online trainings, e-books, tutorials, courses, group trainings, individual trainings ... How do you get the hang of it all? Should every hairdresser be trained? Is it worth taking part in all these trainings? How to choose trainers and training topics?

Probably every hairdresser who starts his career asks such questions. Some people avoid training because "they already know everything". Others are on the other side - completing all trainings available on the market. How to find the golden mean? How to find time for all this?

First of all, approach the topic with common sense. Of course, nobody knows anything and even the "biggest" hairdressers should follow the market and deepen their skills. Our industry isn`t a place where you can stand still for years. Fashion is changing, professional products are changing, and customer requirements are also undergoing a revolution.

It`s best to approach hairdressing education as a never-ending process. Then you will`t feel pressure to be everywhere and get new certificates. This cannot be done in the long run. And that is what the long run is all about. It isn`t enough that you go to 10 courses and it`ll be over. Our profession is really demanding and you cannot just understand all the aspects.

Hairdressing Courses. Why is it worth it?

  • We open up to new techniques and expand our offer.
  • We develop our creativity.
  • We are motivated to work.
  • We improve our skills.
  • We are up to date.
  • We build our own brand and care for a better image of the company.
  • It's harder to burn out.
  • We can stand out from the competition.
  • We are changing our approach to our own work (Monday does not have to be so terrible!).

How to healthily approach hairdressing courses?

1. Learn the basics of hairdressing. If you want to start learning hairdressing with a FADE haircut (because it is so trendy), it won't work.

2. Training makes perfect - the longer you work as a hairdresser, the more knowledge you will have. There are no shortcuts. Of course, your enthusiasm and ambition are important, but some things cannot be jumped over. Patience is the key to success.

3. Regular training is ok, but don't overdo it - a few courses a year are enough + follow what is happening in the hairdressing industry.

4. Use free knowledge. Remember that many Academies provide knowledge for free. Follow famous people in the industry.

5. Go to the popular hairdressing fair. In such places, you will find out about the offer of individual academies.

6.  Select knowledge. Remember that sometimes courses can be more confusing than helpful. Today, anyone can become a coach. No matter how much works in the profession of a hairdresser. See what internship your trainer has. See his work.

7. Practice, practice, practice. You go to training, do a haircut and wonder why your work looks completely different from that of a trainer. Everyone has different predispositions. When you come back from training, do this hairstyle again and again. Practice one thing before you run to get another certificate.

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