Nanoplasty - Alternatives to Keratin Treatments
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Nanoplasty - Alternatives to Keratin Treatments

Nanoplasty is an innovative way to permanently straighten hair. The treatment is very popular all over the world. It is worth knowing what it is, how it differs from a traditional keratin treatment and who can do it.

Nanoplasty is a treatment that permanently straightens any type of hair. This method, unlike the creative hair straightening, works on any hairstyle - wavy, curly, and coily hair. How is this possible? During the treatment, special active substances are pumped into the hair. It changes their shape. Nanoplastic hair is straight and perfectly smooth. The effects are noticeable immediately after the treatment. Hair looks spectacular, even better than after keratin treatment.

Difference between Keratin and Nanoplasty

The main purpose of keratin hair straightening is smoothing and regeneration. The straightening effect is only a side effect. It’s the other way round for nanoplasty. The treatment primarily straightens every type of hair, and in addition we get shine, nutrition and smoothing. It is a perfect solution for women who didn’t find other treatments effective.

Moreover, the substances used in nanoplasty don’t contain formaldehydes. They are replaced with glyoxylic acid, cysteine, ​​and acetic acid. Thanks to that the procedure is completely safe so anyone can do it - even a pregnant woman (it’s best to consult it with the doctor first).

What's nanoplasty treatment?

The procedure lasts from 3 to 6 hours. It requires quite a lot of patience from both the hairdresser and the client.

This is how the process looks like:

1. We start with standard washing but without applying any nutrients or other cosmetics.

2. Instead of a conditioner for wet hair, we apply a special nanoplasty mixture starting from the roots. Then, we put a cap on for 60 minutes.

3. After an hour, we wash off the formula with water. Then, we dry hair.

4. We straighten the hair. We use a special tool. Hair should be smoothed several times - from 5 to even 10 times (depends on its condition).

 5. Finally, we wash the client's hair again with a mild shampoo and we apply a nourishing mask. After that, the customer is ready to leave!

Remember that after nanoplasty, you must not dye your hair. You should wait a minimum of 5 days.

Let me know what you think about this straightening method. Have you ever asked for it in your hair salon? We would love to hear back from you!

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