Salon managment - this is a very important section! Business management is often overlooked while learning about hairdressing. What do you need to know before starting a hairdressing business? How to open a successful hair salon? How to manage people? We can help you open a salon and start generating sales. Visit our website regularly and find your answers to many important topics.

salon managment

The Travel Transition

In an industry that is ever evolving, fast paced and providing the most incredible opportunities, we are very fortunate to be able to see so many different countries and cities and meet so many different individuals from every single walk of life.With travel in the whole, unrestricted, and the industry almost back to normal as we know it, those who are fortunate to travel within our industry are once again country hoping, working to packed schedules and columns and juggling a mixture of work commitments along with salon life, all whilst keeping feet firmly on the ground.

Re:Source Salon Toolkit

Sustainability has long been at the heart of Anne Veck Oxford. They’re the first – and only – certified Carbon Neutral salon in the UK; undertook a whole salon refit to incorporate clean, recycled energy to power the business and have won countless awards to recognise their green achievements and efforts towards educating the hairdressing industry about sustainability issues.

Updated: New COVID-19 App for Hair Salons and Barbershops

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Energy (BEIS) has announced the date for a new COVID-19 app that will help hairdressers and barbershops in England and Wales keep client’s details and will help clients track where they have visited.

The app will launch on 24 September and it will be compulsory for hair salons and barbershops to download and display a QR code prominently in the premises for clients from that date onwards.

Hairdressing Courses - is it worth it?

Hairdressing academies are springing up like mushrooms after rain. There have never been so many of them. There are more and more educators, mentors and trainers. Online trainings, e-books, tutorials, courses, group trainings, individual trainings ... How do you get the hang of it all? Should every hairdresser be trained? Is it worth taking part in all these trainings? How to choose trainers and training topics?


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