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Our website was created in 2006 in Poland. We noticed a big hole in Polish Internet. There was no website that would connect hairdressing enthusiasts.

If you're interested in fashion, you'll find hundreds of publications, magazines and websites dedicated to this area. Sadly, there are not many hairdressing channels.

We decided to patch the hole and we created the website FRYZJERZY.COM.
We are young people who created a professional portal of the hairdressing industry. In the past thirteen years, we’ve managed to create a place that gathers all the people full of passion.

Now it’s time for the English version of our site. We create this place for you. A website full of information about the hair industry.

You can meet us at international fairs, trainings, workshops and other hairdressing events around the world. We learn from the best, and then we publish it here – in this place, so that you can build your experience on a solid foundation of professional hairdressing.

What can you find on our website?

- information about world hairdressing event
- trends
- new cosmetics and new equipment
- trainings
- a gallery of hairstyles
- hairdressing salons
- inspirations

What do we encourage you to do?
- to share your knowledge with us and readers
- to actively create a community
- to create social groups
- to express your own opinions

Thanks to you constantly pursuit of knowledge. We want to create this place TOGETHER!

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